We’ve touted the importance of social media platforms for driving traffic to your website over and over again. That is why we were happy to come across this article in Mashable. The super company Zappos released some information that correlates the link between social media and sales conversion. During the two month period from Nov. 20, 2012 to Jan. 20, 2013, Zappos Facebook posts prompted 85,000 visits to their website.

Out of all those visits 42 percent of the visits resulted in sales and while the other 58 percent didn’t result in sales, the interaction lays the way for future ROI because it is more likely those 85,000 fans will be notified for future promotions.

An important factor for driving people to their site was that Zappos included links to their web site and links to buy products directly.

Now, while your small business may not have the 419,000 fans that Zappos has on their Facebook, it can still benefit from staying engaged on social media. Growing your fan base is a key factor. Just like traditional advertising, the broader the audience the more potential sales. Unlike traditional advertising though, social media allows you to target a more qualified audience. An audience of people that are more likely to pay attention to your message. Once someone “likes” your page, they are saying that they want to receive your updates and that automatically qualifies them as more likely to buy your service or product. Posting updates that link them to your website makes it easy for them to see your services and it also keeps your business on the top of their mind so that when they do need your service, you will be the first business they think of.

So just remember Zappos when you start to think that Facebook can do nothing for your business. Often it’s not what you see on Facebook but rather where Facebook leads. Having your message and links to your website in front of a potential 1.06 billion monthly active users and 680 million mobile users will lead to sales!

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