W3C or “Valid HTML” vs. Junk HTML

Listening to webmasters and people who create code for the web can be like listening to aliens from another world speak. In fact, coders do have their own language not easily understood by the technological neophyte. The language is HTML, and most online destinations are created with HTML. In fact HTML coding has become so ubiquitous that, just like any written language, there is a standard and correct way to write it. With so many novices and hacks creating websites out of their parent’s basement these days, the Internet is rampant with poorly written HTML sites. This has prompted major search engines, like Google and Yahoo, to recognize what is called “valid HTML” and distinguish it from bad or junk HTML. Basically, valid HTML coding is what separates the big boys from the HTML musings of the thousands of amateur web designers pumping out junk websites.

So what does this mean for your repair business?

Well, if you have a website that doesn’t have valid HTML, chances are it’s not getting properly indexed by search engines and this will effect your ranking. Ultimately it means that people are not seeing your website when they search online.

Search engine spiders work by parsing websites’ HTML and, and just like English, HTML has it’s own proper grammar, syntax and vocabulary. If a search engine spider detects HTML errors, the web page wont be indexed and your website ranking will remain low.

The standards of proper HTML coding are set forth by World Wide Web Consortuim (W3C) and to check the validity of your website, there are several free sites that check to see if your site is in compliance with W3C standards.

Check you website’s validity here!


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What is VALID HTML and Does My Site Have It?

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