What is Comment Spam and What You Should Do About It

In the race to become the highest ranking website on the internet some webmasters and marketers have resorted to a tactic known as comment spamming. The idea behind comment spamming is to comment on other websites and include a link to the commenter’s website thus hoping to rank higher by being recognized as more relevant in search engines. Often the comments are nonsense words and have nothing to do with the blog or site they are posted on. Sometimes the comments are simple generic comments like “nice site” or “good information” followed by a link to a website. This is a dubious practice and could potential cause search engines to recognize your website as a spamming site thus hurting you search engine ranking. So if you are wondering why random comments appear on your blogs it’s because of the dubious practice of comment spamming. The best thing to do is delete the comment and block the user from posting in the future. Comment spamming is becoming more common and search engines such as Google have fairly sophisticated ways of identifying these spammers, which will inevitable hurt the site they are trying to optimize and could potentially hurt yours!

Its not hard to recognize spam comments. Before approving a comment make sure it is related to the blog post in some way. There should be no links to other websites ore blogs except in rare instances. If a comment doesn’t make sense, good chance that it’s spam!

Remember the best way to get people to comment or link to your site is to provide unique, good and relevant information. Stooping to comment spamming is never a good idea. It’s ineffective and can ultimately hurt your SEO.

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Comment Spam Can Hurt Your Site

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