Brave New World, Invisibility Cloaks and Waterless Swimming Pools

With newer and newer technology the design and engineering field has produced quite a few incredible, awe-inspiring oddities straight from the pages of a science fiction fantasy story. New materials have made it possible for engineers to dream big. More importantly technology has allowed those dreams to become a reality. Over the past decade several new engineering feats have been accomplished to the amazement of the public. We may not have flying cars yet but here are three of our favorite engineering designs ripped from the pages of your childhood dreams.

Number one, invisible tree house! Every kid dreams of living in a tree house at one point or another but the Swedish design firm Tham & Videgard ┬áhave raised the bar by creating invisible tree hotels. Yes, invisible! By designing the exterior out of mirrors – these tree hotels hover, virtually unseen, in the tree top canopy of a Swedish forrest. Depending on where you are standing, the mirrored tree houses are rendered invisible. Raising the bar even further the tree hotel’s interior offer modern amenities that rival any luxury hotel.The design follows in a tradition of architecture, like Frank Wright, designed to be in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Invisible tree house

Number two, invisible cloak! A Canadian company, Maple Ridge B.C.-based Hyperstealth Biotechnology , has developed an cloth-like cloak that renders the wearer invisible. According to the companies website the material doesn’t require batteries, projectors or cameras. The US military is reportedly backing the development of the technology so much of the details on how it works aren’t available.

Invisibility cloak

Number three, swimming pool facade. Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich conceived of his fake swimming pool over a decade ago but has now made it a reality. From above the pool looks just like your average swimming pool, the difference is that below the surface visitors can walk about freely with out getting wet, while breathing the whole time!Fake Swiming pool 2

Fake swiming Pool

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