Funny Do It Yourself Disasters!

So you fancy yourself a handyman? That may be so but unless you are a professional repair man in every field there are inevitably going to be jobs that you just simply are unqualified to do. The trick is to know when that is.  A good rule of thumb is, if you have doubts – then you should probably get a professional. Home inspectors often encounter crazy (some times unsafe) do-it-yourself projects. If you want to save money sometimes its just better to have the job done right the first time. To illustrate this concept we have gathered together some of our favorite DIY projects gone terribly wrong. While they are funny to look at, imagine how frustrating they must have been for the zealous do-it-yourselfer. More than likely they shelled out additional money to have their botched jobs fixed. Not to mention the damage it may have done to their egos!

Not even sure how this happens but we’re pretty sure you should never need a chair to reach a doorway. Perhaps it started as a window then the builder changed their mind?

DIY Gone Wrong 2

Where to begin? Looks like a blind octopus botched this plumbing job. Oh, and aren’t the pipes supposed to be hidden? Can you follow the maze?
DIY Gone Wrong 5
We love nature as much as the next person but who would want a tree growing out of their house?!
DIY Gone Wrong 6
This balcony boggles the mind! No words to describe the uselessness of a balcony no one who isn’t Spiderman can get to.
DIY Gone Wrong 4
Resourcefulness is a good quality but come on!
DIY Gone Wrong 7
Heard of parallel parking, what about vertical parking? I guess thats one way to do it – the wrong way!
Do It Yourself Gone Wrong 3
Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s smallest bathroom! Perhaps they should have made the door open the other direction?
DIY Gone Wrong 8
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