Organization is the key to success!!

organizingEverything but the kitchen sink:

Have you found that you have just no more room in the cupboard under your sink and god forbid you have to find something quickly, it will never happen. Here is a helpful trick to organize your cleaning supplies.

About 2/3 from the bottom of the cupboard place a tension rod, it should just snap into place. Then you can hang all of your spray bottles on the rod, no more hunting for that special cleaner, it will be right in front of your face. Then place a lazy susan on the bottom and put your sponges, wipes and soaps then all you have to do is spin!

The Pegboard, the Sanity Saver:

If you are like me, every time I go to leave the house in is a 20 minute hunt for the keys, then the sunglasses, if I am walking the dogs, now I have to hunt for the leashes. I am always late looking for the things I need! The I discovered a handy trick. A heavy duty peg board! I hung it right by my garage door put some hooks up, and voila, my purse, keys, sunglasses and leashes are all in one spot.

Silverware Trays are not just for the Kitchen!

I can’t even see my bathroom sink anymore with all the beauty products, hair products and jewelry. Then my husband had a great idea. He went to the local market and bought a plastic silverware tray. Then he put it in the top drawer in the bathroom and organized all my stuff. Also he bought some heavy duty hooks, installed them into a stud on the wall in our bathroom and hung up all of my styling tools. Now we can finally see the bathroom sink and now instead of stuff there are flowers. Such a great idea!

Cords Everywhere!

We always have extra cords laying around and for the longest time none of them were market. So when we needed a cord, we would have to try out everyone of them until we got the right one. I am sure all of you have been through this as well. Here is a great way to organize you cords. Get one of those shoe poket organizers and put one in each pocket and mark the pocket. No longer will you have to go through the process of figuring out which one goes to what.

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