Turn those old items into outdoor conversation pieces!

This spring weather has got us thumbing through the gardening section on Pinterest and we found some awesome outdoor repurposing projects. As someone who never throws anything away its nice to see that there are so many uses for old odd and ends that make great home and garden projects. Here are a few of the simpler repurposing ideas that anyone can do!

Bike FenceFirst up is this delightful fence made out of discarded bicycles. This is sure to be a hit for fans of the rustic urban look. The project can be modified by planting vines, jasmine or other creeping plants beneath the bikes to really give that urban decay sheik feel.

Garden Globe

This easy to make lawn or garden globe is made by super-gluing same sized marbles to a bowling ball. It’s a great idea for adding a spot of color to your outdoor atmosphere!

Planter Chair


Have an old chair you were thinking about tossing? Why not get some peat moss and turn that old furniture into a container garden? This quick conversion is a no-brainer and instant stand-out!

Garden hose mat

Check out this repurposed garden hose. What a great idea for a door matt!  Here’s how:

Vertical Garden

This vertical garden idea is ideal for and apartment or someone with limited garden space. All you need is and old wooden pallet. Works great for succulents or herbs!



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