Are You Using Your Social Media Right?

Fist off lets get one thing straight, simply having a Facebook account or Twitter page for your repair business is NOT enough! Don’t get us wrong – social media can be a powerful advertising and PR tool for your small  business, but many entrepreneurs  make the mistake of thinking their social media sites are useless after they set them up and no one responds. Often they get frustrated and hand the task off to their secretary or teenage niece, thinking it’s of no importance. Well, we’re here to tell you – you’re doing it WRONG! Not to long ago, having a website was enough to make you visible and give you that edge in the digital domain, this is no longer the case. Yes it’s important to have a website still but without social media to drive eyeballs to your site you might as well take out a billboard in the middle of the ocean because no one is going to see it.  If the benefits of social media aren’t apparent to you, then you probably don’t understand the real value of social media. Don’t think of your Facebook page as a place to post your coupons and expect people to respond. The key to leveraging a successful social media campaigns is engagement. Think of social media as more of a public relations tool.

With social media you build customer relationships, you solidify existing relationships and you build your reach. Just like traditional public relations it takes time to build but once you start building those connections, what you are actually doing is building the audience of potential customers. Social media provides a platform for people to share their likes, and more importantly, their dislikes. With the rising popularity of review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp, people are logging in to find out what people are saying about businesses. If you’re not in the conversation,your business might as well be invisible.  It may take a little time but if you engage and grow your social media audience you will have a loyal audience that view your business favorably.  Loyal because they have voluntarily opted in to receive your updates. Its not the same as passing out a thousand flyers, only to have them chucked in the trash. When someone one follows or becomes a fan of your business on social media, it’s because they want to see your content.

This brings us to our next point. Today people are more suave when it comes to advertising. If they suspect that they are being targeted for sales – they disassociate. That is why you don’t want to beat your social media fans over the head with your sales pitch. Sure you want to post your deals and product information but it’s more important that you provide your followers with content they want. For the repair industry it’s important to be a resource of useful information. Provide people with useful do-it-yourself repair tips or information or provide them with home supply resources that you have gained over the years. It may seem anti intuitive but providing useful information will keep those eyeballs coming back for more,  eventually people will need your services for a jobs too big to do themselves and you’ll be the first repair business they think of.

The more social media platforms you have the more channels of communication to deliver your message. When someone has a question they can ask you directly and that has the potential of leading to a sale. When someone has good things to say they have a platform to share it and their friends will take notice. With such a powerful channel to get your message out in an immediate way, you would be crazy not to utilize social media for your business!


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