What is SEO and Why Should I Care?


In today’s market it’s crucial to your small business’ success that you are on the Internet. But even with a good website and a social media presence, the competitive nature of online marketing makes it an arduous task to distinguish your sites from the millions of other sites. The most reliable way to get your website seen by the most people is to appear highest in rank when they go to search the internet. As you most likely already know, Google dominates the search engine game. When you want to know something, or find a restaurant, or find a reliable repair shop – you “Google it.”

The higher your business’ website ranks in a Google or (to a lesser extent) Bing search, the more likely people will use your services.


An important thing to understand is the difference between Google Ad Words versus organic ranking. Google Ad Words allows you to buy “keywords” that people are searching for and aims to get your website to appear at the top of the results page in the ads section. While this is a good way to get your website on the first page, it can get very costly and once you stop paying, it goes away. The problem with ads words is that most people will skip the promoted section and go right to the results in the organic search. Organic because this is the section Google recognizes as the most relevant of results and therefore people are more likely¬† to skip the promoted ads and go straight to the more relevant results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) targets keywords that people are searching for within your industry and helps your website appear higher in the organic results. SEO is a process but the rewards of having your website appear in the top search engine results is invaluable! Think about it, if you type in “seafood restaurant” to Google how many pages of results are you going to sift through? Odds are you will look at the first few pages and select a restaurant. If your website is ranking on page 20 of the results, very few searches are going to lead people to your business. Through SEO you will see your ranking rise to the top. While Google is a major player in the SEO game, the benefits of a a high organic ranking will be seen across multiple platforms.

The “key words” you want to target for optimization are words or phrases that people are likely to be typing in when they are looking for repair services. Words like “handyman,” “home repair,” or “plumbing,” depending on your particular business. Because many of these phrases are highly competitive, your SEO campaign needs to be comprehensive and well thought out. Choosing the right keywords is crucial. There are many ways to optimize your key phases. One such way is by blogging frequently and consistently on your website. This helps Google and other search engines determine that your website is relevant. Other ways of improving your SEO include building links within other websites and industry directories. There are a lot of tricks of the trade and that’s where we come in. Like we said, it’s a process and won’t happen over night but the benefits will last a long, long time!

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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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